There is no telling Ariana Grande and her doppleganger apart

Pics 20/01/2017

We've seen some pretty intense dopplegangers over our time, but this definitely takes the cake.

23-year-old Arinan Grande and 20-year-old Jacky Vasques are on a whole other level of twinning.

Ariana herself allegedly commented on a photo to say that her own cousin couldn't tell them apart.

Of course, it's not just the ponytail and facial features that make the resemblance so uncanny. Jacky's really got her signature duck face and wink down, and even shares the pop star's sense of style.

If anyone wants to rock the Ari look, Jacky gave us a few handy tips:

"My tip to those who want to emulate her style is to work that high voluminous ponytail! That is the most important thing in addition to rocking cat eye winged eyeliner and super long eyelashes. That's what makes Ariana, Ariana"

How insane!