Scott Disick showed the entire world his massive 'bulge'

trending 20/01/2017

So thaaaaat's why Kourtney Kardashian keeps going back!

Scott clearly wants to show Kourtney what she's been missing out, because he's showed the entire world his massive 'bulge' and everyone is seriously losing their sh*t. 

Lord Disick stepped out for a stroll in L.A yesterday wearing some trackies and a sweater... but that's certainly not what grabs your attention when you see the photos.

Trackpants are known for their ability to showcase a man's "assets" but boy oh boy, we were not expecting something of this size!

The internet has clearly gone mad over the "rocket" that is seen to be protruding from his pants.

Srsly though, just look at it.

And it's not the first time people have gone cray over Scott's package. The below snaps emerged in August last year, so it's clearly no Photoshop job...