Jono's official 'hottest guy at The Edge' 2017 calendar

Pics 02/02/2017

Randell and Jono are going head to head to decide who's the hottest guy at The Edge. And what better way to find out who's our resident stunner than a good ol' traditional sexy-man-calendar off!

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All week Jono has been turning up the heat in attempt to become the newest 'hot guy' around the office.

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Yeterday Ben and Sharyn got their first glimpse at Jono's 'hottest guy at The Edge' calendar and HOLY SH*T their reaction is pure gold!

And well here it is in full, and as Jono said himself:

"If you If you have a love of sexy pasty white naked people, and knowing what day it is, then I've got the calendar for you."

Vote for who you think is the hottest guy at The Edge by clicking your fave below!