Amanda Bynes looks like her old-self again, and we love it

Pics 19/01/2017

Our girl Amanda Bynes has re-surfaced to debut what looks like a more "OG" look, and we're beyond excited about it. 

We don't really hear much about Amanda Bynes these days (after the whole mental break down/rehab thang she just kinda dissapeared, understandably).

The media wouldn't leave her alone in 2013, she was bombarded by paparazzi 24/7... and the poor girl kinda just lost her way/became a drug addict and social media addict.

We did have an AB sighting in July last year, where she looked much better than she had in years, but this is the first time she is really starting to look like her old self again.

She was seen getting a cold drink with some friends in L.A before Christmas, and she was looking fab in her OG brunette locks.

It actually looks significantly darker, almost reminiscent of her natural hair colour during her 'What A Girl Wants' and 'She's The Man' days.

We loved the OG Amanda Bynes, so we're all about this revival. 

We can't wait to see more from her!