There's 100 new Emoji's and they couldn't be more #relatable

Pics 13/12/2016

New Year. New Emojis.

Yes we're fkn excited for Christmas (mainly so we can have an excuse to eat as much as we want without any judgement), but there's only one thing that trumps Christmas. Emojis. 

Apple have released 100 new Emojis as part of their new iOS update, and we can't help but think this is Apple's way of saying we've been 'nice' this Christmas.

As if the bacon Emoji wasn't a good enough reason to get pumped about this update, they've #blessed us with so many new Emojis that basically sum up our entire 2016.

What's more '2016' than a Harabe Emoji, the facepalm Emoji, and 'the selfie'. #So2016