The very first pics of the new iPhone 8 have leaked online

Pics 08/12/2016

The day we've aaaaall been patiently waiting for has finally arrived.

The first alleged pics of the iPhone 8 have reportedly been leaked online.

After seeing the pics, all we can say is that it looks really different and unlike any of the previous iPhones ever before.

The pics were leaked in a new report from MacRumours, and they showcase a number of preeeeeetty MAJOR changes.

This looks to be the widest iPhone of all at 5.8 inches!

They are also made from "glass unibody chasis" and "oled panels" which is meant to make them look really shiny.

And if the rumours are true, the best part about the new iPhone 8 will be that it has WIRELESS CHARGING capability.

Just imagine... life as we know it will change forever. 

That is all. You may now freak the f*ck out.