WTF people actually think Zac Efron and Madonna are dating

Pics 15/11/2016

2016. The year of the #Brangelina breakup, Trump presidency and let's not forget the death of everyone's fave gorilla, Harambe.

And now, *drumroll please* people actually think that Madonna, 58 and Zac, 29, are getting up to the naughty stuff. Ew.

Pics have surfaced online of the two feat. some pretty steamy kissing action. Kind of.

Is Zac becoming the next Drake? (We've tried so hard to forget that awk af make out sesh but we fail. Every time.) Is Efron entering the #CougarClub?

Tbh we think this is just a innocent wee peck on the hand. We mean, Zac is a pretty polite boy. We just wish it was our hand... (Seriously, Zac we need you. Now).