These GIFs pretty much sum up our reaction if Trump wins

Pics 09/11/2016

It might happened. It might actually happened. We have no words. Only GIFs.

This is the official timeline of our reaction if Donald Trump wins the U.S. election:

1. We walked into this thinking this whole thing was a joke.

2. How the hell did Trump even get this far?!

3. How can we trust this man? He can't even pronounce Beyonce's name correctly.

4. We're just hoping that if Trump wins, he will say "I just wanted to see if I could win, now that I did. Obama you can have it back." 

5. Is everyone forgetting that Trump shaved some guys head at Wrestlemania?

6. Who else feels personally victimised by Donald Trump.

7. New Zealand: "Is your president seriously Donald Trump?"


8. "Donald Trump is leading"


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Goodbye America, goodbye my friend. We out.