Fans are getting really worried about Demi Lovato's latest tweet

Pics 05/10/2016

Fans are raising their concern for Demi Lovato after her most recent tweet!

Demi suffers from Bipolar Disorder, so it's not unusual to see her social media posts range from ups to downs... but her latest one has really sent fans into a stir.

The tweet comes after the singer came under fire for reportedly "body shaming" Taylor Swift's squad.  

She wrote, "So excited tor 2017. Taking a break from music and the spotlight... I am not meant for this business and the media."

When fans started asking her what was wrong and if she was okay, she engaged in replies such as, "It doesn't feel worth it anymore. I'd rather do charity work tbh."

Hopefully she's okay... we love you Demi!

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]