Justin Timberlake could face jail time for posting this

Pics 26/10/2016

Looks like international No.1 mummy's boy JT could be spending a casual 30 days in jail after taking a sweet wee selfie in a voting booth. (He has since deleted the pic)

So Tennessee's strict af law doesn't allow voters to take pics or record convos at the polling place (which we kinda understand why tbh). In his defence, this law only got passed as of last year, and if all turned to sh*t JT would be the first ever person to be slapped with this kind of prosecution.

Cleary JT doesn't, and TMZ reports that his case is "under review" by the Shelby County D.A.'s office. 

We don't know about you guys, but we think JT should be applauded
for using his voice/platform for this kinda message, motivating people to get out there and vote, not be prosecuted for it... but the law is the law y'all.