PHOTOS: This woman wants to keep EATING until she can't leave her bed!

Pics 08/09/2016

This is just a tad disturbing....

A Texan woman aiming to be the fattest woman in the world. It is her goal to be so big that she is immobilised. 

27-year-old Monica wants to become the most plus sized woman in the world at over 70 stone (1000lbs), and has said that she wants to reach a weight that leaves her bed bound.

Her boyfriend, Sid Riley who is 25, spends his day cooking for his girlfriend and rolling her over when her stomach is full. He also funnel feeds her through a tube on the daily.

"The plan is to reach 1000lbs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he's excited about it.

It's a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot. He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed.

If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll - it's a big turn-on for both of us."

Monica was actually preparing for bariatric surgery two years ago, but pulled out last minute to embrace her plus-sized figure. 

This is what she eats on an average day:  

Six sausages in a bread roll, a bowl of 'sugary' cereal, four McChicken sandwiches (good shout), four double cheeseburgers (pretty epic), large French fries, macaroni cheese (just to top you up), 30 chicken nuggets (loves chicken), a Taco Bell, six scones, two weight gain shakes and a gallon of ice cream.