Here's the top baby names parents REGRET the most!

Pics 05/09/2016

A new survey has been done by Mumsnet and believe it or not, a fifth of parents regret their decision of their baby name and 32% of those regrets came within the first six weeks.

This is a breakdown of the results:

It's too commonly used - 25%

It just doesn't feel right - 21%

I have never liked it - I was pressured into using it - 20%

It's not distinctive enough - 11%

It causes him/her problems with spelling/pronunciation - 11%

It doesn't suit him/her - 11%

Everyone calls him/her by a shortened version of the name, which I don't like - 6%

I have never liked it - I don't know why we chose it - 6%

There's been a shift in public perception of the name since my child was born - 3%

I worry that he/she won't be taken seriously - 2%

A celebrity has used the name for their child - 1%

It turns out that his/her initials spell out an embarrassing or inappropriate acronym - 1%

Other - 34%

This part breaks our heart…apparently one of the most regretted name was Elsa… we will not 'let it go' thank you very much.