Did Jennifer Aniston just throw some low-key shade at Brangelina?

Pics 28/09/2016

We all know Brangelina are officially over, and as heartbreaking as it may be we've aaaaaaaall been wondering about one more thing... 

What does Jennifer Aniston think about all of this? Is she happy? Is she sad? Does she even care at all?  

Well she was spotted out and about wearing the below necklace, which is a universal "evil eye symbol" that people wear to curse a spell and cause misfortune and harm to others. 

This "evil eye curse symbol" is an ancient belief spread across a lot of different cultures (most prevalent in West Asia).

The symbol on a necklace and other jewelry has become a popular souvenir item for (white) tourists visiting southern European and Middle Eastern countries.

So was she wearing this necklace to cast an evil spell on Brangelina that eventually led to their split??? Ooooooor did she genuinely just wear it because she thought it looked cool? 

Probably the second option, but who knows...  

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]