REVEALED: There's now a Drake themed YOGA CLASS!

Pics 25/08/2016

If you're a yoga fan or even if you're just a huge Drake fan you are going to love this new workout.

There's a new type of yoga in Los Angeles that people are going crazy for... it's called 'Namasdrake' which is a Drake themed yoga class. 

A DJ and event promoter teamed up with a yoga instructor (who is also a DJ) to create the most badass yoga class ever.

The yoga class is set to the tunes of Drake and people are sooooo excited about it.

Namasdrake is normally held at Resident, which is a popular nightclub in LA for an hour long session once every month.

Annnnnd if this isn't exciting enough already the class also has a variety of geo-located Snapchat filters including Drake flexing a mountain pose, and him with a single tear dripping down his face.

Namasdrake also has an awesome post-yoga afterparty where you can hang out with your yoga class buddies and have a few Champagne Papi inspired cocktails.

Is that a world tour or your girl's pour? Drink specials for today's #DrakeYoga after party.

A photo posted by Drake Yoga (@namasdrake) on Jul 30, 2016 at 2:09pm PDT

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