Gaz reveals why he was LOCKED UP after being deported from NZ!

Pics 18/08/2016

Gaz Beadle from MTV's Geordie Shore has finally opened up about WHY he was deported from New Zealand (and couldn't make our Edge One Night Stand party).

He wrote a post that was published on The Daily Star, revealing what happened to him in New Zealand and why he was "locked up" in Australia.

You can read Gaz's post below:

"Sorry it's taken a while to talk about it, but you're hearing it firsthand from me now.

So… let me fill you in on the story.

I was due to go to New Zealand last Monday, me and Marty McKenna hit the airport, but I was told I couldn't fly because I had no visa.

Once the flight had taken off, they found my visa and I was told I could fly the next day.

After a night in the Crown Melbourne (I was already in Australia), I headed back to the airport.

I'd heard Marty and my manager had both been held in customs for three hours, so by no means did I think it'd be a simple walkthrough to Queenstown airport to reach my suite at the Hilton.

So, I get to NZ, and you guessed it, after seven hours sitting there, I'm told I'm not allowed in.

>To be fair, they had previously told me not to come back to New Zealand with my battered passport (which I didn't get changed), so I guess me and the team are to blame there.

Eventually, by enforcing law 257 – which allows a detainee to stay at pre-approved accommodation – I was allowed in my suite.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

The radio station I work with in NZ got the absolute top boy of lawyers in the high court the next morning to try and get me to stay in the country.

But it was all too late and I was on my way back to Melbourne.

When I touched down in Oz, and arrived at customs, I was met with: "Just one minute Mr Beadle, we need a quick chat with you."

That quick chat ended up with me in a deportation centre.

A f***ing deportation centre.

Not a jail cell, not a holding cell, a deportation centre.

I walked into this place that was on a military base and was led to a room full of bunk beds with four other guys in it.

As I was marched in, one of the guards told me I was the only person off Australian TV to be held there, I was just thinking, what the actual f.

I was given a bin bag with my bedding in, that's when it hit me. All that was running through my head was panic.

I was stripped of everything. It didn't matter who you were, you were just a number. In fact, I was A17.

Just having to ask about everything was odd. I s*** you not, this was the weirdest f***ing thing I have ever experienced.

How the hell did I go from not being allowed into New Zealand to being banged up in a deportation centre?

I woke up in the morning and all the lads are queued up by some window.

Mohammed, my cellmate, went on to explain that I had 25 points to spend per day, f***ing buzzing, so I went in… Snickers, tins of tuna, Powerade, Haribo, and cigarettes (for Mohammed).

Mo was telling me he had been in this place for three and a half years. Over three f-ing years. I was literally crapping myself.

I felt like I was in a real-life episode of Prison Break, I'm laughing about it now, though at the time I was thought I was going to be stuck there forever with Mohammed.

While I was locked up, my team were trying every possible way to get me home. I got told I couldn't fly through NZ, Dubai, America, Abu Dhabi, or internally through Australia. F***ing amazing.

So, as the day continued, I had football at 3pm and got another five points, I was racking them up, smashed a few sets of table tennis too, then got my boy Mohammed's internet card and I was set.

I was about to do a Facebook Live from there but I thought they might f*** me off from ever leaving.

Miraculously, after a tuna pasta for dinner, I then got told to get ready as I had my flight through Thailand approved. Thank you, Thailand.

We got to the airport and I was physically taken onto the plane by immigration officials, properly felt like I was on the Most Wanted list.

Once I landed in Bangkok, I was escorted to immigration and had my passport removed from me.

Then, when I was ready to board the next flight, I had to sit with an immigration official again before boarding on as the last passenger (still accompanied by the official).

The people on the flight must have been like WTF?! I felt like a serious criminal.

Anyway, I got home and want to say a massive thanks to Thai Airways for actually getting me there. Mohammed, thinking of you bro, a care package from my 11 Degrees clothing brand is on the way.

And kids, when a country tells you you're not coming in with your f***ed-up passport ever again, I think you should listen to them.

Anyway, until next week."