Are Naz and Chrystal from The Bachelor NZ working TOGETHER now?

Pics 29/07/2016

Well, well, well... what have we got here?

The two Bachelor NZ villans, Naz and Chrystal, appear to be best buddies at the moment.

Naz uploaded a pic of herself and Chrystal to Snapchat last night while they were at product launch party.

Sources at the party have said the two were "talking up a storm" all night long.

There have been rumours circulating for a while now, claiming that the two might eventually look at working together in some shape or form. 

Do you think they could be working together on something? Just imagine what Jordan will be thinking right now... 

Check out all the snap pics from Naz's snap story in the gallery above!  

[Photos: 'Naz- Bachelorette' Snapchat]