PHOTOS: Fleur from The Bachelor NZ debuts BABY BUMP on Instagram?

Pics 03/06/2016

We all know the feeling. Over indulge a little at lunch, add a couple of wines... and bam! Food baby.

But Fleur Verhoeven's bloated puku caused confusion yesterday when she posted a pic of her belly bump, captioned: "Buffet or baby?"

The 26-year-old Bachelor winner poked fun at her over-worked tummy following a stint at the buffet on the P&O Pacific Pearl cruise ship.

Verhoeven is on a 15-day holiday through the Pacific Islands with former housemate Shari Flavall.

But the joke lead to a flood of confused comments from fans who questioned whether now-single Fleur was pregnant, and whether sometime-flame Jordan Mauger was the baby daddy.

One fan wrote: "She actually looks pregnant!", while another asked: "Is that from @jordypordypuddingpie?"

Verhoeven swiftly removed the post and responded to her 27,000 Instagram, saying: "Well that escalated quickly. No, I'm not pregnant. That was supposed to be a joke."

As we previously reported, Fleur is enjoying a girls' island getaway as she comes to terms with her time in the spotlight. 

The former bachelorette faced up to the nation on TV3's Story to admit she had been dumped by Jordan Mauger just hours after their relationship was made public.

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