PHOTOS: Storm from The Bachelor NZ shows of her NEW boyfriend on Instagram

Pics 02/05/2016

She went on the show to find love - and left having failed. But good news for Storm Halkett: romance has found her - again.

The 24-year-old travel agent who starred on The Bachelor NZ, but was evicted from the show three weeks ago, has debuted her new man on social media. Only, he's not so new.

"Mon amour [translation: 'my love' in French] x Wicked night at the Pop Up Globe to see Twelfth Night!," she wrote on Instagram.

"He sat through it a second time just for me.. even though the Shakespearean English isn't the easiest for him to understand!"

Storm signed off the message with the hashtag #bestboyfriedneveraward.

The mystery man is none other than her former French boyfriend, Maxime.

The pair have been snapped in a number of cosy clinches over the last few months, leaving many to wonder when they rekindled their love. Or did the flame ever burn out?

It certainly makes it interesting that Storm would be back with Maxime straight away. Did the show make him jealous? Or were they together the whole time?

Was Storm's strategy to get back with her old boyfriend all along? Is that why she seemed so miserable on the show?

Halkett told when she was evicted from the mansion, that she was dating again and living in Auckland. The eliminated bachelorette said she was happy to be free of the show, which she said was a "shallow environment to build a relationship".

Once engaged to lingerie and glamour photographer Rocky Batchelor, Storm said she had only ever brought two men home to meet her father, Senior Constable Russell Halkett, Fairlie's top cop.

Presumably Maxime is the other.

[Source: SCOUT]