Did Jordan just REVEAL that he wants a relationship with Naz?

Pics 30/05/2016

It's the answer we've all been dying to know... 

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Woman's Day, Jordan Mauger opens up about "his side of the story" on The Bachelor NZ.

After calling it quits with Fleur just 48 hours after the finale of the show, NZ's bachelor faced a media storm of cyber bullying and hate, which in turn sent him into hiding.

But now that the dust as (almost) settled, Jordan is ready to tell his side of the story on why he ended things with Fleur and what the runner up contestant, Naz had to do with his decision. 

"There are many elements to this story," he told Woman's Day.

"What people saw is just a small slice of the whole picture."

He went onto say that despite the nasty break-up, him and Fleur are still good friends and that he was open and honest about his uncertain feelings towards her as soon as the show finished filming.  

When asked about his chemistry with Naz, he admits that he "definitely has a soft spot" for her, and even revealed that it was his FAMILY that made him choose Fleur over Naz in the finale.  

"I spoke to my family for about two hours after they'd met both girls and I asked them who they would most like to come for Christmas... I don't want to say who they chose, but there were some who were judging Naz on what they'd seen in person."

He also revealed whether or not he will be pursuing a romance with Naz now that the show is over, saying that he will always adore Naz, but that a romance with her at this time would be tainted with "a lot of negativity."  

Naz has also posted on Facebook, saying "I completely agree with Jordan & support him 100% in everything he says."

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