WATCH: Chris Hemsworth FINALLY speaks out about Miley and Liam getting back together

Pics 13/04/2016

Chris Hemsworth has finally spoke out about his brother Liam getting back together with Miley Cyrus.

After Liam arrived at the Hollywood Premiere of Chris' latest film, The Huntsman: Winter's War with Miley, Chris spoke out about having Miley back in the family again.

Miley and Liam broke off their engagement in September 2013 and split for two years, BUT they have recently got back together and are now re-engaged.

Chris said he thought it was great... which is SUCH a relief! 

"It's just good getting together with everybody," he said."We don't see much of each other. We're across the globe. I'm back in Australia. Liam's here..when we're all in the one city, [we] get together and hang out."

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[Image: Getty]