This girl received an OFFICIAL award for never FARTING in front of her BF

Pics 20/04/2016

Meet Australia's Marissa Goodshell - the girl who has NEVER farted in front of her boyfriend!

Her boyfriend Stewart Reed, thought it would be funny to enter Marissa into a radio competition in Brisbane (they were searching for a hero to name a ski run in Mount Buller after).

Clearly he saw it as the perfect opportunity to enter her for never farting in front of him in their entire 5 year relationship.  

"I listened to people calling up on the first day and on the second day I thought of a few things to put Marissa up for," he said during an interview.

When she found out she just laughed it off - saying that not farting in-front of her BF isn't even a big deal to her. 

[Photos: Facebook]