REVEALED: The amount of FARTS you do each day shows how HEALTHY you are

Pics 19/04/2016

Turns out you guys are quite interested in knowing what number of FARTS per day is considered HEALTHY (otherwise you wouldn't have clicked).

Farting is natural - you can't help but do it. Everyone does it... But what does YOUR flatulence say about your health?

Believe it or not, but farting is a sign that we are healthy.  

The average person farts 5-10 times PER DAY (and contrary to belief, women fart JUST as much as men).

There are of course particular foods that create more gas than others (such as beans, artichokes, dairy products, sweet potatoes, oats, nuts, soy and wheat).  

The one thing that all the above foods have in common is that they're HIGH in nutritional value.  

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