REVEALED: Are these two ex-Shortland Street stars DATING?

Pics 13/04/2016

Ex-Shortland Street co-stars Frankie Adams and KJ Apa have been "hanging out" in L.A.

Both Frankie Adams and KJ Apa posted some cute pics on Instagram of themselves on the beach in L.A... but whether they are together or not is unclear.

Shorty Street fans have been commenting on the photos saying "how cute" they look, which has sparked rumours that the two might in-fact be together! 

Sources close to TV2's Shortland Street have even said that Adams and Apa have, "always been very close" to one another.  

It was public knowledge that Frankie had a boyfriend back in February this year (Vinnie Bennett from Filthy Rich), but no one is sure if the pair are still together since she moved back to L.A earlier this week. 

Frankie Adam's has just returned to L.A. for a new role more than a year after she first arrived in Los Angeles.

What do you guys thinks??  

[Photo: TVNZ]