PHOTOS: Gregory Goyle from Harry Potter is all grown up and SUPER HOT

Pics 27/04/2016

Remember the dweeby / kinda chubby Gregory Gole from the Harry Potter movies?

Yeah, well he got seriously hot.

Like... so hot that he's now become an MMA fighter! He debuted his first fight in London this past weekend which he reportedly WON. 

He spoke out about his career change, saying that he isn't leaving acting behind for his new-found love of fighting:

"I haven't fallen out of love with acting, I still have an agent and go for auditions. It's just a little bit like playing the lottery for a living. I don't see it so much as a career change, I am still passionate about both acting and fighting." 

Looks like all those years of being in Slytherin House has paid off... 

[Photos: Twitter/Getty]