Jackass is OFFICIALLY coming back!

Pics 26/04/2016

We all remember the shock and idiocy of Jackass and we might be getting another dose of it!

Steamheaded by jokester Johnny Knoxville, the franchise pumped out a huge amount of content at their peak and drew fans in the millions and we have the feeling that said fans could be very happy to hear this piece of news.

In a recent interview Johnny spoke to Complex about Jackass' future and whether eager fans will have their desire for a new film met. to which he revealed:

"We don’t have one planned. But I always write ideas when they come up. I have a movie that I’m prepping right now. It’s not Jackass but all the stunts are done in the vein of. It’s going to be pretty crazy. It’s a scripted film with me doing the stunts."

So... What Johnny is trying to tell us is that he's basically doing another Jackass...

... right?