Art Green REVEALS why he chose Matilda in The Bachelor NZ

Pics 12/04/2016

New Zealand's very FIRST Bachelor has revealed ALL in a recent interview with Woman's Day.

He talks about everything from the CURRENT bachelor, Jordan, to the idea of starting a family with the love of his life, Matilda... Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

During the interview, he revealed that while he was on The Bachelor NZ last year, the questions about having kids and starting a family definitely swayed his decision on who to pick.

He even said that our current bachelor, Jordan Mauger, will be asking himself the exact same questions when it comes to choosing the right girl.

"Will this person get along with my family? And do I see myself starting a family with this person?"

Green went on to say he is looking forward to the day where he starts a family of his own, but he just "wanted to find the right woman to do that with." 

"This meant not thinking about who I liked and had a connection with, but also if they had similar family aspirations."

"I would often think about whether or not we would have good-looking kids, because obviously nobody wants ugly kids."

He finally answered the question we've all been waiting to hear... when are you guys gonna make some babies???

"Matty [Matilda] and I aren't planning to have kids any time soon, but if we do, they would be cut cutest little things in the world."