Kylie Jenner's diva demands on The Ellen Show REVEALED

Pics 27/11/2015

A source on-set has told Radar Online that Kylie was "Almost as big of a bitch as Kim is when she's on the show". Kylie supposedly wouldn't speak to any members of the staff (other than Ellen) and asked for all hallways to be cleared before she walked down them.

Radar has learned that the topic of Tyga was supposed to be off-limits during the interview, but that didn't stop Ellen from bringing it up. After attempting to avoid the question, Kylie Jenner only really said 'We're hanging out." 

Kylie insisted that she have two VIP parking spots outside the front entrance, because she did not want to walk from the parking structure to the studio, which is only a few metres away..

In addition to this, she refused to use Ellen's hair and make-up team, and had a special room made up for her team to base themselves in. She also demanded two dressing rooms. One for herself and one for her 'squad'.


Images: Getty Images