We now bronounce you husband and husband


This morning Dunedin buddies, 24 year old teacher Matt McCormick and 23 year old engineering student Travis McIntosh made the ultimate commitment, and became husband and husband as part of The Edge Love You Man competition. Love You Man celebrates the ultimate ‘bromance’ in order to win the ultimate Rugby trip to the UK in 2015.

In front of 50 close friends and family, Matt and Travis (also known as “Mattress”), stood in the hallowed grounds of Eden Park and declared their love for one another, “I promise to nurture your dreams…because they will get us into more situations like this...But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you man.” said Travis.

Of course no rugby-loving wedding is complete without a token streaker and oranges at half time. Both of which occurred on Matt and Travis’ special day.

When asked why they entered, Matt answered, “Trav and I bleed Black, so it was never a matter of wanting to enter, it was a matter of how we were going to win.”

Sports journalist and presenter James McOnie emceed the celebration and said “Even though they’re just mates, I believe Matt and Travis’ love will touch New Zealand and maybe the world.”

After receiving over 200 entries and putting three ‘bromance’ couples through their paces, The Edge hosts Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom announced Matt and Travis as the winning couple last Friday.

“The bond between these two big-bearded besties is undeniable. It was a celebration of love. Not traditional wedding love, but a genuine love nonetheless. These two are arguably the biggest bromance the world has seen.” said Dom Harvey.

Click here for more photos of the Love You Man wedding.

source: data archive