TV shows from the 90's we loved as kids that are actually really creepy


Be prepared to be WEIRDED out because these facts are SERIOUSLY creepy.

Kid's TV shows are supposed to be wholesome and educational... but if you look a little deeper you'll find there's more than meets the eye.

Check out some of the creepiest ones below... 

1. BARNEY THE DINOSAUR: A grown man dressed in a purple dinosaur suit that plays with children? Think about it people.   

2. THE VOICE OF SALEM FROM SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH: The voice of Salem the cat is actually an old man (see the photo in the gallery above).

3. MY LITTLE PONY: Each pony's personality could be determined by looking at a special symbol tattooed on his or her ass... 

4. CARE BEARS: The Care Bears were basically a cult that solved everything with love that shone out of their tummies like laser beams of light. They're basically telling us that any problem in the world can be solved with love which is a load of BS!  


5. SESAME STREET: Just take a look at the cast: a vampire who dresses like a pimp, an angry homeless dude who sleeps in a trash can, an addict whose whole identity has been consumed by his addiction to the point that he calls himself a "monster" and a giant bird who seems like he’s vaguely high all the time. 

6. TELETUBBIES: Do we even need to say what is specifically creepy here? The whole thing is pretty unsettling tbh...

7. RUGRATS: All the “Rugrats” babies were voiced by women. 

5. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Four turtles get infected by nuclear waste and are transformed into sentient anthropomorphic mutants who live in a sewer where they are taken in by a giant rat who teaches them ninjutsu. Nuff said. 

source: data archive