Paper Plane


What is your single about?
Enemies is all about getting that second chance you don’t deserve.

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?
We recorded this track at Neil Finn’s basement studio with help from Nic Manders as producer.

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video?
We are currently working on a video for this single – so for now you can check out what everyone loves watching on Youtube… until we get an official one made!

Who’s in your band?
Nathan King – vocals and guitars
Jonathan Wilson – drums
Dave Wilson (Jono’s brother) – bass
Simon Moore – guitars and other sonic ramblings

Have you got any tours coming up?

We are planning on finishing the album and playing some low-key show over summer – dates to be confirmed!

Have you got an album coming out soon?
We’re putting the finishing touches on our debut album – entitled PROOF


Three years after his debut solo record 'The Crowd', Nathan King, former lead singer of iconic Kiwi band 'Zed', is back with a new album and a new band.

‘PROOF’ is a beautifully crafted album of straight up, honest rock tracks that find the delicate balance between light and shade. PAPER PLANE was formed between King and his 3 touring band mates. “We’re primarily buddies who love recording and performing music together. In touring my solo record the songs and sounds kept getting bigger and sounding more like a band - so the forming of PAPER PLANE was an easy and organic process really. It made total sense that we do this next album together because we had been playing live for a couple of years already.” Says Nathan.

Recorded in the basement of Neil Finn's Roundhead studios, ‘PROOF’ was essentially recorded as a live album, but with honed edges. Joining Nathan are fellow band members Jonny (drums), his brother Dave (bass) and Simon (guitar).  “It was a couple of years of writing the material for this new album, but once we got into the studio and started putting it together, the ideas just flowed so we captured them as quickly and as cleanly as possible” says Nathan. “Second guessing yourself can be the death of a good song - so if it wasn't working we just hit STOP and moved on to the next one.”

The result is an open and honest collection of songs - whether blazing forth in confident strides with the likes of 'ENEMIES' or quietly quenching that same inferno with tracks like 'WIDE OPEN SKIES' or 'WASTING OUR TIME' - this debut album from PAPER PLANE does a fine job of encompassing both.

source: data archive