Life altering iPhone tips you need to know


1. A short cut for the shrug emoji


2. Fix your iPhone when it's frozen

Hold down the home and lock button together. This will shut down your iPhone.


3. Lock your screen in Landscape mode

Settings > General Acceessibility > Guided Access, then slide it to the "on" position.

Then head to any app and turn your iPhone to landscape, triple-click the home button. This enables the special Guided Access screen.

Tap options > Slide Motion to the "off" position the tap Resume.


4. Avoid sleeping through your alarm

Pressing the volume buttons can turn your iPhone alarm OFF instead of snooze!

Stop this from happening so you can get up on time by going to: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings


5. Zoom with just ONE finger in Google Maps

For you multi-taskers, the two fingered zoom to close in on a map is no more!

Just double tap the screen, but hold the second tap and move our finger up and down. Easy.


6. You can set our nose as touch ID

Yeah, this one's a little odd. But for those of you who are regularly carrying things with both hands, you nose can unlock your phone!

Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, select "Add A Fingerprint", then press your nose against the home button.


7. Locate a missing iPhone's owner

Found a random's iPhone? Press and hold the home button to activate Siri, ask "whose phone is this?" and she'll give you the owner's info!


8. Learn the meaning of every emoji

This is our fave tip! Siri will actually tell you the name of every single emoji on your iPhone.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech, turn Speak Selection On.

Open Notes, then type in any emoji. Highlight the emoji and select the "Speak" option.

Now you can finally answer, what is THIS emoji?!


9. Read at night without ruining your sleep

Science says that staring at your screen before bed can effect your sleep. So before you hit the hay and are just sending that last "Goodnight" text, go to:

Settings > General > Accessibility, and under Vision, turn "Invert Colours" on.


10. Only allow after-hours calls from select people

No longer get woken up in the middle of the night!

Settings > Do Not Disturb, you can schedule time to silence calls and texts.

Look at "Allow Calls From" - allows only incoming calls from your "Favourites" and repeated calls within three minutes to go through.


11. Manually change your camera's exposure

Tap to focus and slide your finger up and down, you can adjust the exposure to get more or less light.


12. Teach Siri your name

Settings > General > My Info will give Siri access to your contact info so she knows who you are.


13. Teach Siri how to pronounce your friends' names

Open Siri by long pressing the home button, then say "call [friend's name]". When she responds with the incorrect pronunciation, reply with, "that's not how you say that."

Siri will ask you how to pronounce it.

source: data archive