Annah Mac: Bucket


What is your single about?
Concentrating on the positives during a time of chaos

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

Single was recorded at York Street and Produced by Josh Fountain and myself, a new challenge for me and one I hope to repeat!

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video?

The Video was directed by Florence Noble and well be out within the next 3 weeks, it involves madness, eight year old children and a high tea food fight, was so fun to make.

Who’s in your band?

Sam Taylor, Sam Edgar, Richard Pickard, Lisa Crawley!

Have you got any tours coming up?
Nothing to mention currently.

Have you got an album coming out soon?
Looking at a deluxe edition of the album early next year.

Most twenty-year-olds find themselves wondering what to do with their lives... but not Annah Mac. Before the age of nineteen this Southland girl had already been mentored by many of New Zealand's top producers, opened for Kelly Clarkson and The Script before eighteen, at seventeen honed her songwriting skills on a U.S. scholarship that took her to Nashville and the South By South West festival in Texas, and won the Smokefree Rockquest Female Musician Award and Play It Strange competition at sixteen and fifteen respectively. Born and raised on a sheep farm in Tokanui - 60 kilometres south east of Invercargill, Annah has fond memories of singing with her two younger sisters at local jam-nights supported by the tight-knit township. Annah's childhood was also filled with countless family jams on road-trips and Australasian-wide adventures, including annual visits to the Tamworth Country Music Festival in New South Wales. By nine she had already won her first of three Gore Gold Guitar Awards.

During her second year at boarding school, Annah won the Secondary Schools Songwriting 'Play It Strange' competition with her song 'Blue Butterfly'. The Play It Strange Trust took Annah under their wing, showcasing her talent at corporate events nationwide. Barely even a teenager, Annah entertained Government officials at the Beehive, and shared stages with the likes of Hollie Smith, Don McGlashan and Jordan Luck. In 2008, another one of Annah's demos 'Home', was selected as the only track by an unsigned artist to be included in 'The Great New Zealand Songbook'. Annah says that her songs are a mix of personal experiences and stories told from the perspectives of close friends - a sentiment that is clearly reflected in the lyrics of her debut album, 'Little Stranger'. Annah recorded the majority of the album at Roundhead studios with internationally renowned American producer Brady Blade, working with Josh Fountain from Kidz In Space at Woodcut Studios, and Wayne Bell and Ben King at The Lab to finish other tracks.

'Celia' is an upbeat fun song, originally written for a high-school friend. It has since had new life breathed into it by the influence of Annah's inner-circle learning how to juggle their current friendships with new love interests. 'Celia' superbly showcases her catchy pop sensibilities amidst handclaps and a carefree vocal-hook, all the while complementing Annah's lyrical sincerity. The song on has gone on to receive the honour of being nominated for the 2011 Silver Scroll award.
'Little Stranger' also features the #1 airplay 'Girl In Stilettos', a song inspired by Annah's move to Auckland in pursuit of a big break. The single has sold double-platinum and is nominated for this year’s Silver Scroll songwriting award.

She might consider herself a 'Little Stranger', but Annah's big dreams and girl-next-door personality will have everyone demanding to become better acquainted with the girl that put their deepest thoughts and aspirations into music.

source: data archive