Anna Wilson


What is your single about?

This single is about being a girl, going out and partying and boys can be a trap, even when you tell yourself never again, your’re out partying with your girls and then boom, you fall for that same type of guy all over again and find yourself thinking oh well - I wont make that same mistake again and then the very next weekend your’re there again. It’s like cyclic de ja’vu!

Where did you record this single, and who helped you out?

We recorded it at Beaver Studios studios with Jonathan Campbell (Dane Rumble) and Simon Holloway (Nesian Mystik) wearing the producer hats.

Have you got a video out, if so what is the theme/story behind the video?
Ivan Slavov directed the video for Say You Love Me and it was an awesome experience. He did a fantastic job of combining the elements we all wanted and adding some creative edges that really made the finished product stand out.

Who’s in your band?

Myself plus some guys who are great friends of mine that make it fun to play music and party together.

Have you got any tours coming up?

Check out my website for all that info, hopefully it should all be released soon.

Have you got an album coming out soon?

We’re currently working on a second single as well as other tracks towards an album.


Anna Wilson is a singer/songwriter born and bred in Auckland New Zealand.

Anna started her show-biz career from a very young age, being a star of stage and screen, most noteworthy as a leading actress in the Hollywood feature film, “Kids World” with Christopher Lloyd. Following in family tradition she then pushed the go button on her singing career at the age of 16.

She followed the usual routes of Christmas In The Park performances and backing vocal session duties while at the same time building up her own songwriting repertoire. Part of this process was a country album she fronted for Stebbing's Zodiac label in 2007.

The early and extensive experience she'd gained through involvement in the industry throughout her youth prepared her well for launching herself as a solo performer.

Already recognised for her explosive live vocal and commanding stage presence it was a no-brainer for leading music industry producer partnership Jonathan Campbell (Dane Rumble) and Simon Holloway (Nesian Mystik) to take her on board and help bring her music to the masses. 2010 saw Anna as a recipient of NZonAir new recording artist funding and with that the completion of the debut single "Say You Love Me".

Industry leading music video director Ivan Slavov was enlisted to make the clip for "Say You Love Me"

Anna is currently working on a follow up single to "Say You Love Me" with a view to releasing her debut album in early 2012.

source: data archive