King Cam

The Edge Safe House has been FOUND!

Guy and Sam from The Edge Workday have just been found after being locked away for 10 days at 16 Staysail Place, Whitby, Porirua with $10,000 cash!

As the boys have been already been found, knocks on the door will result in silch!

To find out where they were and what each of the clues meant, click here!

Oh, you thought we were done? Think again... Who's next? Find out 7:30am Monday morning.

Guy and Sam cry tears of joy as Sarah finds The Edge Safe House

The moment the The Edge Workday have been waiting 10 tortuous days for... and BOY she did not disappoint!


This is now the theme song for the Safe House (as decided by Guy & Sam)

Now we've got the song stuck in our heads, thanks guys.


The boys tried doing their own version of 'The Project' and it was a trainwreck

Well, that was definitely something...


Can Sam pass the 'Whopper Popper' challenge?


Guy & Sam are the new beauty bloggers you never knew you needed

Absolutely stunning.


Sam manages to push Guy to breaking point after 7 days trapped together

In Guy's defense, we would've done the exact same.


Sam sends raw egg flying all over the Safe House

Good one Sam.


Guy & Sam's epic Bender Blender challenge fail

If you've got a weak stomach, this probably isn't the video for you.


HOLY SH*T Someone just knocked on our Safe House door

Talk about the fright of our lives...


Guy's insight into what it's like being trapped in the Safe House

"The days are blending in to one"


Guy finds a loophole in one of their challenges

Smarter than you look after all Guy...


Watch out Mike McRoberts, Guy & Sam have started their own news show

"Good evening, this is Newschub"


Introducing your new Zumba instructors

Move those hips boys.


Can Sam 'Stack Cup' in under 5 SECONDS!?

He only had 24 hours to learn how to do it!


How good is Guy & Sam's Memory?

Guy & Sam put their memory to the test to help get you another clue.


Guy & Sam prove they've lost their minds after just one day

Well that didn't take long.


Food Roulette: ft. Lamb's heart, Sheep's brain, and Spam

Nope , we're out. oh wait - we can't leave...


Guy is forced to plank over eggs for the first clue

We're one step closer to finding the boys!


First look inside The Edge Safe House

Where do you think Guy and Sam are?