Jono Ben and Sharyn's Back With The Ex


Everyone has 'the one that got away'...but what if you were given second chance?

We want to help you get back with your ex and reignite the spark! Whether it was a messy break up, long distance disaster or it just fizzled out, Jono, Ben & Sharyn want to smooth things over for you!

Register down below and Jono, Ben and Sharyn could be getting in touch with the ex of your choice!

After Jono, Ben & Sharyn ask the hard questions, you could be picking up where things went horribly wrong with the perfect date night in Auckland! We will even fly you up, that is if your ex even picks up the phone...

If an ex has just popped up in your mind, register now so you don't go your whole life asking "what if'??

What could go wrong? Check out Back With The Ex on Bravo. 8.30pm on Sunday