Life on The Edge

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Jay-Jay Harvey from The Edge Breakfast, truly has lived Life on The Edge so she decided to write a book about it!

Jay-Jay tells ALL in her latest book - Life on The Edge, of her 22 years working with us at The Edge.

She has been paint balled, pierced, shaved bald, hypnotised, and whatever else was required - all to entertain. She has married complete strangers (who are all still together), fundraised while sleeping in a shopping mall, interviewed huge stars like Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga & Oprah, danced her way to fourth place on Dancing with the Stars, and been naked in public too many times to count!

Available everywhere books are sold!

PLUS, check out Jay-Jay's Facebook page HERE to see when she's in town! 

Be in to win a book right now. Just enter your details below and you'll score for yourself asigned copy of Life on The Edge, a Smashbox Lipstick, Ecoya Candle AND a set of Ashley Allen False Lashes!

Win a copy of Life on the edge!

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