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Disney release enchanting new Dumbo trailer

We are so excited for this beauty!!

The Conjuring's nun has her own movie and the trailer has us ded

This is disturbing!

ALL THE DISNEY PRINCESSES are in the new Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer 😍

This looks so good!!

Did Shortland Street say f**k in an episode? The BSA thinks not

What did you hear?

5 Thoughts from Dancing With The Stars | Ep 10

Suzy got her best score of the competition!!!


This "Bad Lip Reading" from the Royal Wedding is probs the best thing ever

There is a bad lip reading for nearly everything now!

OMG Sharyn actually dabbed and 4 other thoughts from DWTS | 7

Sharyn is queen

Prince Harry weds his beautiful bride Meghan Markle - The ceremony highlights

If you missed the coverage or want to just re-watch again, we've got you covered!


David Seymour shows off way too much skin and 4 other thoughts from DWTS | Ep 6

Talk about awkward!


Zac forgets how to dance and 4 other thoughts from DWTS | Ep 5

Damn, that week 3 curse really is real...


Dancing With The Stars judges perform for the first time on the show



David Seymour is a crab and 4 other thoughts DWTS | Ep 4

Hahah dem hands


Suzy Cato 'ticks all the boxes' on Dancing With The Stars

Suzy killed it again last night!


Naz friend-zoning her partner and 4 other thoughts DWTS | Ep 3



Dai Henwood calls Sharyn the wrong name on Dancing With The Stars

You'll never be able to live this down Dai...

Jacinda Ardern & Rhys Darby campaign to get NZ on world maps in hilarious video


A look back at Johnny Danger's funniest moments

We'll miss you Johnny, rest easy.

Matty McLean emotionally opens up about being a gay man during the Israel Folau drama

So powerful from Matty x

Dave Dobbyn's cover of 'Hotline Bling' yet again proves why he's a kiwi legend

One of our fav moments from Jim Beam Homegrown 2018.

Game of Thrones' The Mountain promotes SodaStream bath???

Wait, what is this???


Disney's Christopher Robin trailer is here and we feel like kids again

All the feels!


Air New Zealand release 'cool' new safety vid starring Entourage actor

Very "cool"

Billionaire Bill Gates guesses grocery store prices

This is something we're sure Bill hasn't had to think about for a while

Netflix's latest original movie is so sad people are crying watching the trailer

If you feel a bit sad, don't watch this trailer.

the new show being called 'Best Horror TV Series Ever'

We're not sleeping tonight after this trailer...

Camila Cabello & Jimmy Fallon perform 'Havana' with classroom instruments

We never knew kids instruments could sound so good!

Omg 'Queer Eye' is back & it's on Netflix - see the first trailer

YAS QUEEN. This brings back all the nostalgia!

Watch how Ellen made Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth compete to be the Best Aussie

Laugh your way to find out who won the title.


A new Riverdale teaser trailer is here and it looks crazier than ever!

No more Southside High, Archie & Hiram are at each's necks & we finally see Betty's long-lost brother Chic - check out the trailer now!


These are the new emoji likely coming in 2018

Red're finally getting your own emoji!


The top YouTube video watched by New Zealanders in 2017

Our own Jono & Ben made the list!


Santa can't handle the Kiwi accent in Air NZ's new Christmas ad

So good from Air NZ!


Hamish & Andy take over Hamilton with their band

They played one song and then they were done.


NZ Police release 'world's most entertaining recruitment video'

So good!


US anti-gay conference open with "impeccably gay" dance

Possibly the gayest thing you will ever see


Pink's "Beautiful Trauma" features a cross-dressing Channing Tatum as her husband

Channing Tatum!!


Jay-Jay opens up about leaving The Edge

Jay-Jay joined the Project team last night to talk about her time at The Edge and what's next for her.


Kings pretends to be security at KFC Edgefest

Jono, Ben and Sharyn gave KINGS a challenge to pose as security at KFC Edgefest


Samsung savagely roasts Apple in new ad

Ooooh gonna take a while to heal from that burn


The new Fifty Shades Freed trailer is here and it's sexy

Wow! This looks exciting!


Watch Sam Smith totally slay his Carpool Karaoke appearance

We love this!


Man with world’s biggest genitals has reduction surgery

Wow, this is insane!


New trailer for Hey Arnold! is finally here

We cannot wait for this movie!


Tinder 'reactions' are here to show your match how you really feel

We cannot wait to start using these!


New 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' starring Emma Watson & Jennifer Lawrence

Yas, another one!


Sam Smith drops "Too Good At Goodbyes" music video and we're sobbing

Sam Smith you cutie </3


This Netflix hack has changed the binge watching game for good

This would make binge watching so much easier!


Katy Perry's new music vid for 'Swish Swish' shows she can laugh at herself

Dropped only moments ago, the new basketball themed vid for Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' features Hollywood cameos and much of her trademark goofiness.


Singer stops to call out sexual assault in crowd

A British band is being praised after the lead singer called out a guy who allegedly sexually assaulted a female fan while she was crowdsurfing.


John Legend sings about 4 hour erections in latest Carpool Karaoke

John Legend and Alicia Keys joined James Corden in his latest Carpool Karaoke ep and the challenged the two to a jam inspired by gross topics.