The Edge announcers talk about their ANZAC family histories

The Edge 24/04/2018

This year, on ANZAC Day, we asked some of our announcers about their ties to the ANZACs. Here are their stories.


"This is my Granddad, Robert Williams. Because of his youthful age, he joined the Navy first B Commission Naval Officer in Atlantic Convoys.

As there were not too many casualties, he then transferred to the UK Army. He had a low regimental number 800? 23rd Battalion, his position was Driver. He spent his time foraging food and supplies to feed the troupes as they made their way through Greece and Italy.

They travelled in convoy. He celebrated his 21st in Italy and finished the war as Sergeant!"


"This is Tom Lilley, Grandad was born crippled in both his left foot and his left hand and so he served with the Home Front as a firefighter in Rotorua.

And this is Ted Annear:

"He joined the RNZAF in 1943 (when he was 18) as a member of No 30SU Squadron, seeing service in the Pacific (Espiritu Santo (Vanuatu), Guadalcanal & Bougainville (both Solomon Islands), Green Island & Jacquinot Bay (both Papua New Guinea). He was demobbed in 1945 at the end of the war.

Like many men, he didn't say much about his service but I gather he was associated with F4U Corsairs."


"This is my  great grandad, Pilot Officer Frank Ian Calvert.  

Frank was a navigator in a bomber that crashed in a forest in Windhausen, Germany. The plane crashed at 10:37pm on the 3rd of October 1943 when they were conducting a bombing on the German city of Kassel. The plane was shot down and the 5 out of the 6 man crew died including Frank."

Lest We Forget.