Zach Braff regrets fundraising offer

Image: AAP

Image: AAP

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By Jay-Jay Feeney

Scrubs star ZACH BRAFF used the website to raise money for his latest movie ‘Wish I was here’ and in return for donations, he promised to record 30 second messages or voicemails.

He soon regretted that after a dentist asked him to record a message for his waiting room patients.

He wanted Zach’s message to say, 'Welcome to Dr. Shapiro's office. Please turn off your cell phone.'

Zach wrote back to the guy and said, “Look man, I know you contributed and I really do wanna do anything, but I think this is really gonna annoy your patients and I don't want your patients to hate me and they'll never see anything I do'. 

The dentist replied, 'I paid good money, I want my dentist's lobby message'. So Zach did it. 'Hi, I'm Zach Braff, please turn off your cell phones'.

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