You won’t believe how much pocket money the Jackson kids get!

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By Sharyn Casey

Michael Jackson's kids earn A LOT of pocket money, they each get 8 Million a year!

Which is a lot better than the $20 a week I used to get…

Prince has spent over $50,000 this year on expensive jewellery for his girlfriend & he’s saving up to buy the Neverland Ranch.

Paris spends hers on a therapeutic school she attends that costs a 6-figure a year sum & she buys her friends shoes & clothes as presents.

And Blanket spends his on a $200 an hour personal Karate Teacher & taking his cousins on expensive dinners that cost close to $1000 per dinner.

Between the 3 of them they put all their money together and go on kick ass 5 star vacations taking all of their family. 

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