Win a $2,000 Wardrobe Makeover thanks to Reflect

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Every item of clothing has a story...clothes have been alongside you when you have experienced the greatest and worst moments in your life! The Edge and Reflect want to hear your stories, the ones where you favourite item of clothing has played a major part in a memorable moment in your life...

Upload your story and a pic below to be in to win:

A new Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine

$2,000 wardrobe makeover

A year’s supply of Reflect laundry products so you can love your clothes for longer

On Friday the 4th October The Edge will pick out our favourite story and award them this INCREDIBLE prize all thanks to Reflect.

Love your clothes for longer with Reflect.

Reflect’s new Clean Plus range help you love your clothes for longer.

There is something for everyone in REFLECT’s new Cleans Plus Range! …

• REFLECT Cleans and Protects - Brilliant stain and germ removal giving you confidence that you and your family are protected against bacteria

• REFLECT Black Wash - looks after Black and dark clothes and helps reduce fade

• REFLECT Cleans and Cares - Brilliant stain removal and specially formulated to be skin friendly

• REFLECT Cleans and Whitens - Brilliant stain removal with a built in Opti-Brightener system keeps whites bright and looking good

• REFLECT Cleans and Softener - Brilliant stain removal with a built in softener to give you a great wash.

• REFLECT Cleans Plus Range - Available in both powder and liquid

So go on, dig out that pic of you and submit it below!

Win a $2,000 Wardrobe Makeover thanks to Reflect

Mon-23-Sep-13 13:06

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