Win Scary Movie 5 on DVD

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That’s right – the film series that good taste forgot, is back for another stab at infamy.

Scary Movie takes all your favourite films and most beloved film stars, strips them, bends them over and gives them a good seeing to. Humiliation has never been so much fun. From Paranormal Activity to Black Swan, Inception to Mama and even the newly made Evil Dead, no film is safe from spoofing by writer David Zucker, the twisted mind behind Airplane, The Naked Gun and Top Secret!.

Equally revered and reviled, Scary Movie 5 even strips teen-star Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical trilogy) of her dignity. And you cannot unsee what Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan get up to in the privacy of their camera-filled bedroom.

Scary Movie 5 - Yours to own on Blu-Ray and DVD from AUGUST 21st.

Scary Movie 5