Win $2000 and the chance to be in Colgate's next TV ad!

Want to star in the new Colgate Oral Health Month TV ad? This Oral Health Month, Colgate is looking for everyday Kiwis to be the stars of the Colgate Oral Health Month ad, to be aired during the month of July.

All you need to do is upload your audition video of you reading one of the below scripts and complete your details below!

You'll go in the draw to win a spot in the new Colgate TV ad for Oral Health Month PLUS have a shot at winning $2,000 cash with The Edge 'Grin and Bear it' competition. There are also ten finalist prizes of a Colgate oral care family prize pack, valued at $200 each.

Oral Health Month

In July each year Colgate partners with the New Zealand Dental Association to promote better oral health here in New Zealand.

The primary objective of Oral Health Month is to raise awareness of the importance for good oral hygiene habits and educate Kiwis on how to improve their oral health.

Competition closes 05/06/16. Full terms and conditions available here.

Promoter:Colgate-Palmolive Ltd.'


Individual-'I rinse between brushing for an extra burst of freshness'

Couple- Adult 1: 'We change our brushes every three months' Adult 2: I think you need a new one!

Parent & Child- Parent: 'I brush with him/her twice a day every day' Child: 'It’s the only way I can get mum/dad to brush!