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Jay-Jay, Dom & Randell's producer, Kerry has been having a bit of trouble in the love department.. so Dom the Love Coach is here to help!

Kerry's Perfect Guy

20 – 30 years old


  • Any form of outdoor activities. 
  • Not afraid to dance after a few beersies. 
  • Road trips & Travel 
  • Game of Thrones, Anchorman, Friends, The Castle. 
  • Prefers a pub to a fancy bar. 
  • Be family friendly, my family is pretty crazy and must be comfortable with an over protective mother. 
  • Must be able to deal with me engaging in large amounts of table dancing with my flat mates aka The Bitches. 
  • Must be prepared to have personal life shared on radio.
  • Must not be dating me in the hopes of free concert tickets or any station perks, although there will probably be some. 
  • Must be able to accept reasonably small breasts. 
  • Not be scared of feet, but also not into them. 
  • Must be able to deal with me overusing surf terms in every day life when I’m not at the beach and not actually a good surfer.
Deal breakers:
  • Bad hygiene and unmotivated.
  • Homophobic 
  • Bad sense of humor 
  • Discrimination against food places such as Denny’s, Cob n Co and Pizza Hut Dine in. 
  • Someone who doesn’t like a beach because of the black sand. 
  • Must not be prettier than me, aka, spends more time getting ready than me. 
  • Don’t like too much facial hair.

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