“Guy Sharyn and Clint take radio to a new dimention with the world’s first cash-awarding rodent. He is The Edge Cash Rat! He’ll be unleashed once an afternoon and determine how much cash you win!”

Our rat (a real rat, housed in the finest of rat cages) will be placed in the center of a mat. The mat will be covered in dollar amounts. The Edge Cash Rat will then run around, and whatever amount he is sitting on when the 10 second buzzer sounds is how much you win!

BONUS! Should The Edge Cash Rat emerge from his cage wearing The Edge Double-Your-Cash Hat, the amount they win is instantly doubled. WOW.

P.S. if The Edge Cash Rat should urinate on any dollar amount on his way to his final destination, you will win any amount soaked in urine (or poo).

Love from Guy, Sharyn & Clint


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