The Edge and Hallenstein Brothers have your chance to win the ultimate pre-ball experience with Marty and Steph!

Marty will take you and your mates on a Hallenstein Brothers shopping spree to get suited up, followed by an awesome pre-ball party hosted by Marty and Steph.

It’s simple to enter, watch Marty’s fashion tips for Ball season and you’re in the draw. His tips are pretty helpful! Good for Marty ;)

We’re also going to give away suits to 20 Runner up winners, all cheers to Hallenstein Brothers. Aren’t they good to us?

Suit yourself this ball season for only $199 plus Free shirt and tie - don’t hire someone else’s smelly old suit! Get into Hallenstein Brothers or check them out online at


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Watch Marty's Suit Tips then answer the question to enter

How To Wear A Hallenstein Brothers Suit

Wed-23-Apr-14 09:59

Head over to The Nightshow page to see more of Marty’s fashion tips for Ball season:
How To Dress for a Black Tie Event
How To Fold a Pocket Square

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