The Wedding Day is approaching

Thursday 10th September

7.00 am

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Our Groom Brad



Brad is a 6 foot tall, 32 year old sales rep who rates himself as perfect husband material. He's Mr Fix-it, the coolest Uncle, an International rugby superstar, can cook a mean feed and do an oil change. He's spent 2 years in the Army and 8 years travelling and now he’s ready to find a wife. He believes you marry once – and it’s forever.


Our Bride Charlotte



Charlotte is a 27 year old model and Executive Assistant from Auckland. She is of mixed African and English heritage and considers herself intelligent, financially stable and multi-talented. She believes every romantic date should include flowers, and has a huge shoe fetish – owning over 100 pairs of heels. She’s a romantic at heart, homely, and a great cook and is ready to make the perfect wife!


Charlotte's mum meets Brad