Jay Jay, Mike and Dom gave Paul the opportunity to prove how genuine he is when it comes to him saying he would give his $20k prize winnings to his Mum to do up their family home's bathroom.

Jay Jay, Mike and Dom said if he wins they would give Paul his $20k prize in store credit at one of the major building retailers and he agreed.

A short time after hearing that Brent from Bathroom Direct called in and offered Paul an even better deal. He offered Paul $25k worth of his services and products subject to Paul winning! Check out what Bathroom Direct can do for you at www.bathroomdirect.co.nz and what Pauls mums bathroom could look like once Brent and his awesome team get done.

Pauls not out of the woods yet, Pagan could still win and get a new pair of boobs for her short time in the box.

Bathroom Direct 

Last week in The Edge’s Lost in a Box 2 we saw the eviction of Lost Listener Lilia and the surprise arrival of a new contender for the $20,000.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, a new Lost Listener took Lilia’s place, taking over all of Lilia’s orange X’s on the Geosmart AA Map.

Following the discovery of a box within the box containing $5,000, a unanimous decision was demanded from Paul and Lilia within 24 hours as to who would leave with the cash. Not being able to come to an agreement, they handed it over to Edge listeners to decide. Calls were taken live and the first two callers voted for Lilia to leave the box.

So Lilia moved out, and in came Pagan, she’s 22, she’s from Ashburton and she’s not backward in coming forward when it comes to nudity (as we’ve already seen)!

Pagan Frisby is a self-proclaimed fitness freak who "has no problem at all with nudity".

“I will miss seeing the Rugby World Cup because I will miss out on watching all the boys wearing their short shorts” says Pagan.

When asked about her motivation to join the competition, she said, “If I win, I will use the $20,000 to get a boob job”.

“My biggest fear is being a boring person”, says Pagan.

There’s still a whole lot of cash for Edge listeners to win during Lost in a Box 2 – $10,000 is up for grabs for whoever finds the box, as well as a hundred bucks per show each day being given away!

To get your hands on the cash, listeners must guess where they think the box is by placing blue (for Paul) or orange (now Pagan) ‘X’ on the map at lostinabox.co.nz – the person who guesses the closest (within 100 metres), wins! Clues are given out twice a day so listeners need to stay tuned to win.

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