Remember that time you were tagged on Facebook in the most hideous photo you've ever seen of yourself? It was awful right! Well in Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom's Ultimate Ugly Face Challenge you're expected to recreate that photo, and be proud of it! We want to see how ugly you can go and you could we winning $500 cash!

The Ultimate Ugly Face Challenge is all about saying 'stuff you' to all those awful photos of you out there and showing the world how ugly you can really be! There are only three rules...

Rule #1: Make an ugly face

Rule #2: No hands/props!

Rule #3: The only way you will be judged is if you try to maintain your dignity.

Send us your best 'before' photo and your ugliest 'after' photo and you'll be in to win that 500 bucks!

Check out The Edge team getting their ugly on for some inspiration below!