The Galliano Sambuca Red Card Parties

It’s not long now until the Galliano Sambuca Red Card Party crew head to Fiji for the most epic party of the year with Guy, Sharyn and Clint.

Now, you can get on the trip too because Fiji Airways have come to the party with extra flights.

Free flights for you and a mate to Fiji, accommodation, relaxing on the magical Beachcomber Island and a hell of a good time with The Edge crew…you’d be silly not to put your name forward right?

Are you a bit of alright at cracking coconuts? That’s an incredibly weird question to ask. Who cracks coconuts all day! It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. We need 3 people to compete against each other to see who can crack a coconut first. And yes, as always, there’s a bit of a catch! Each person will get to choose a tool that could either help them crack it faster or it could turn out to be completely useless.

Register your details below if you want to take part and come to Fiji with us!

If you are wanting to find out more info about Beachcomber Island click HERE. The party crew will get to travel to Beachcomber Island which is just a short boat ride from the mainland. It's an island that's easy to get to yet so very hard to leave so be prepared for lots of relaxing on the white sandy beach, snorkelling or playing volleyball!

And if you’re looking for super cheap flights to Fiji, check out Fiji Airways!



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